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  • Ioan

    The son appeared roundworm. Doctor recommended Intoxicno damage and a weakened body. Value drug is expensive, but already after 5 days the son was much better. Then 2 weeks over drug. Then again, 2 weeks have passed tests and Ascaris eggs were found. The problem with radio reception didn't the capsule, of the son, he was taking it easy capsule.

  • Mariana

    To be honest, if it's not a positive result. I worked regularly for the last 3 years the treatment, the parasites, resorted to various chemical drugs. Seemed calm during the disease took a step back. But a month or two worms appeared again, and began again: the problem forces jeludkom loss, high temperature. intoxic clean the A colleague of these capsules gave his own six-year-old son. And I decided to try. Capsule disappointed I am not already after 3 months I observed a symptom, it's a disease.

  • Viorica

    The product that attracted me from the very beginning full of a side-effect of lack of. Consultation about the doctor Intoxic. The doctor said, What can be good medicine. I ordered Intoxic via the internet. Disappointed drug tests yes good and feeling good. Thanks to each drug!

  • Ileana

    I want to tell this story. My granddaughter since childhood, weak, loss of appetite, motionless. I tried a lot of different ways we went, and the doctors drank, and vitamins, but there was a significant change. Decision on the advice of a familiar drink Intoxic. And after a full course here, just the child was his eyes. An energy, good mood, appetite, weight gain. I would recommend to everyone Intoxic!

  • Floarea

    The parasites that you are a girl. We ordered online on the advice of the doctor and you purchase a drug that IntoxicI care what my son gave to my friend already and the results are beautiful. What do you mean? It was easy for children capsules, already a month later, tests have shown that the parasites are completely eliminated from the body.

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